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You will speak English fluently & confidently using my SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN

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What you will learn in this
award winning course ?


भाषाओं को नैचुरली कैसे सीख सकते है इस पर मैंने दस साल रिसर्च करके स्टोरी टेलिंग & स्टोरी लर्निंग मेथड डेवेलप की है. कोई भी चीज जब आप Visualize या Picturise करते हो और साथ में जब आपका Emotional Involvement होता है तो वो चीज आपको लंबे समय तक याद रहती है.
ग्रामर रूल्स की प्लेन इनफार्मेशन को आपका ब्रेन याद नहीं रखा सकता इसलिए मैंने लेसन इतने कलरफुल बनाए है, जिसमे हार्दिक पांड्या, सलमान खान, कटरीना कैफ, Iron Man, Thor & Loki, Avangers जैसे लेसन है.
मेरे इस सीक्रेट टेक्निक से आप सारी Vocabulary words, sentences को instantly Recall करके बोलने में Use कर पायेंगे. Learn English with the help of powerful story learning method Immerse yourself in interesting and exciting stories while learning English Enjoy easy and convenient learning process



इस ६ महीने के कोर्स में आप २४ लेसन स्टडी करोगे. हर एक लेसन में सेट ऑफ़ Vocabulary Words है, एक सेट ऑफ़ इनफार्मेशन, सेट ऑफ़ नॉलेज है जो correct ग्रामर पैटर्न के साथ आपके ब्रेन में प्रिंट होगा. Learning English with E Swayam is Powerful Cocktail of Meaning Memory & Emotions This helps you to learn faster & to remember longer Get a better understanding of English humor


Learn English from experienced professionals Get real time feedback and ask questions Learn in a group setting with other students Have the opportunity to practice your English skills Get help with anything that is giving you difficulty


Practice your conversation skills in a safe and comfortable setting Learn English speaking with a personal trainer Get one-on-one training and personalized feedback Improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar Gain confidence in your English speaking abilities

english speaking course in hindi

हमें अपनी मातृभाषा पर गर्व है और सदैव रहेगा,
मगर इंग्लिश में सक्षम बनना आज के
समय की डिमांड है !!!


Hey this is Amol I will be your Personal Trainer for next 6 Months. We will have One on One Video English Speaking Practice Sessions, Live Class & You can meet other passionate English learner from all over world. If you follow my rules & instructions properly I promise you & I guarantee you that you will speak English fluently & confidently in just 4 weeks


  1. Speak English like an American with perfect & excellent pronunciation. (Advance Level)
  2. Learn to think in English and to create thoughts without translating in your head before you speak
  3. Learn over 1.2 Lakhs of vocabulary words, phrases and idioms, and learn how to use them in real life situation
  4. Learn to understand English movies and favorite TV series in original language
  5. Express your Ideas, thoughts & feeling clearly without translation & without hesitation
  6. Perfect course if you are planning to target TOEFL, IELT or GMAT in the future

After 6 Months this will happen

  1. You will Increase Income
  2. You will get More respect
  3. You can travel world easily
  4. You build extra ordinary intelligence
  5. You can Make new international friends
  6. You can apply for job anywhere in the world
  7. you can Get Promotion very easily
  8. you can Start & Scale up your business effeciently

What VIP Students Say ?

E Swayam is an online English speaking course that has helped me improve my fluency in the language. The course is well-structured and it has helped me improve my grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The best part is that I can access the course from anywhere, anytime. The teachers are very helpful and they respond to my queries promptly. Overall, I am very happy with the course and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their English speaking skills.
Vishnu Priya Nayar
Mumbai Maharashtra
Krishna Satpute
E Swayam is an excellent English speaking course. The best part is that it caters to all levels of learners, from beginner to advanced. The course materials are very well designed and the teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced. They are always willing to help and provide feedback. The course has helped me improve my English speaking skills significantly. Highly recommend! I hated my English speaking skills. After I discovered this course, my speaking skills dramatically improved. Now I can communicate with anyone in English.
Krishna Satpute
Pune Maharashtra
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My biggest problem was Translation, I always kept translating in my brain before I could speak But Amol sir by pass my Translation process very intelligently. Now I never Translate in my head before I speak........ Thank you Amol sir you are the Best English Teacher in the World !!!
Hemlata Parekh
Mumbai Maharashtra
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Before Joining Premium VIP Students English Speaking Course. I was following Ts Madaan, Spoken English Guru and other Online YouTube Teachers. But now I feel blessed and lucky to have Amol Sir over the internet. Thank you So much Amol Sir You are an Inspiration.
Gurpreet Singh Sodhi
New York USA


7 Day Money Back Guarantee !!!

If you are not happy with E Swayam English Speaking System you can ask for refund; You will get your hard earned money back, So there is
no risk No question will be asked !!!

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  1. Increase Income
  2. More respect
  3. travel world easily
  4. build intelligence
  5. Make international friends
  6. Build international career
  7. Get Promotion
  8. Start & Scale up Business


Most frequent questions and answers

After successful payment you will receive a welcome call from your Online Assistant Trainer/ Mentor.

They will schedule a One On On Video Meeting Schedule with your Personal Trainer ( With Amol if Select Amol As Personal Trainer ) 

You will study & learn 24 English movies songs and fun stories lessons

What’s in the lesson set

Lesson set is the group of audio mp3 lesson based on movie scene

Lesson set is the group of audio mp3 lesson based on movie scene

Which has following lessons in a lesson set

  • Main Story
  • Vocabulary Lesson
  • Question & Answer Story
  • Grammar Story
  • Commentary

You can share your ideas feelings and your thoughts on social media platform and tag me or email me amol.deshmukh@eswayamenglish,com

Honestly it never happen, but still if you face this problem email us your Invoice and we will send you new Download link.

Sure we have 30 Days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied just e mail you invoice on and you will get your hard earned money back. No questions will be asked.

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We have more that 10,000 Student from 70 Countries. By far this is the worlds best method to learn English.
Because all the Talking heads calling themselves and “English Teacher” are busy only in teaching Useless, Boring & Confusing Grammar rules.
At E Swayam you will never study English grammar rules. This is the time to say good bye bye to Evil English Grammar Books.
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