English Communication Programs

Unlock Your Potential with E Swayam English’s Comprehensive English Communication Courses



Evaluate your current English skills to identify areas for improvement



Tailor-made courses designed to meet your specific language needs


Guided Learning

Expert guidance to improve your English communication abilities

Professional Speaking

Enhance your speaking skills for effective communication in the professional world

Business Writing

Develop writing proficiency essential for professional correspondence and documents

Presentation Skills

Master the art of delivering impactful presentations in a corporate setting

Business Vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary to convey ideas and concepts with precision

Email Etiquette

Learn proper email etiquette to project professionalism in written communication

Business Meetings

Polish your skills to actively participate and contribute in business meetings

Intercultural Communication

Develop cross-cultural communication skills for global business interactions

Accent and Pronunciation

Refine your accent and pronunciation for clearer and more confident communication

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